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Monday, 30. November 2020


I was just looking back over some old mixes and ended up here. Can't believe I was able to log in! Let's trade some tunes!

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Monday, 23. January 2006


Ok, something different maybe that I've been putting together for about 5 years here and there. Some bigger names/things you've heard before, and some definite unknowns... genres spanned, theme (hopefully) preserved.

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Wednesday, 13. April 2005

How about

starting some kind of collaborative mp3blog? private or public. Like our very own mp3pile or something. I don't know how to write but i do bump into some great tracks every now and then and would love to share them with likeminded people.

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Thursday, 2. December 2004


It's a lark because I decided to post it for no reason to this basically dead board. Jani and stx have chimed in, and I think we should get this shit rolling again. This mix is unusual for me, it's guitar based, mostly rawk muzik. A few of the tracks are mixed across track lines, so I highly recommend burning with no spaces between tracks. I've got a couple mixes that I can get together to post, but I refuse to post three in a row. I'm looking at you to post the next one. Any problems, I think you know where to reach me. Click the pic for the mix.

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Tuesday, 28. September 2004

Remember when people posted mixes here?

That was cool.

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Sunday, 18. May 2003

How's that for turnaround?

A bit of a departure from my usual mixes. This one features a lot of movie music, some twisted electronics and some blaxploitation tunes. Should provide some entertainment upon listening. There are a bunch of tracks, this one will just about fill an 80 minute cd...minor editing has been done to a few tracks. No login is necessary for this one, that may change if my server gets hammered, so be respectful. Check it out and enjoy!

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Friday, 16. May 2003

New compilations?

I'm dying over here! I can let you know about thrown together shit mix if everyone is into that but I'm sure we'd all appreciate something that has a little heart and soul poured into it. So let's see a new compilation! THIS MEANS YOU!.

If you need space to host the mix please let me know, I might be able to help out.

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Saturday, 7. December 2002

All christmas-like

A Christmas compilation. Spans a variety of styles, some good stuff, some pretty cheesy. Your mileage may vary, especially if Jewish/Muslim/Hindi/other. I'm also testing out posting shit to my work server. Let me know if anything is funky, or need password info. If all goes well I'll be posting this to the 'pile.

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Saturday, 16. November 2002

And half a year later...

An upcoming CD swap got me to put together another compilation. Well, more than that... I felt guilty about stiffing everyone on 6 months worth of music as well. This comp isn't a "digging in the crates", "something to be proud of" comp. I'm sure most of you own or at least have heard a lot of the tracks on it, some of you have even turned me on to the some of the tracks. It was put together for the un-initiated with some classics for the initiated.

Let me know if you have any problems with the files.

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Friday, 5. July 2002

metropolitan groove

ultra obscure tracks from a golden era in groovy europe! music libraries were home to some of the most forward-thinking musicians of that era, and these are some of their best dancefloor moments!

  1. from here

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