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It's a lark because I decided to post it for no reason to this basically dead board. Jani and stx have chimed in, and I think we should get this shit rolling again. This mix is unusual for me, it's guitar based, mostly rawk muzik. A few of the tracks are mixed across track lines, so I highly recommend burning with no spaces between tracks. I've got a couple mixes that I can get together to post, but I refuse to post three in a row. I'm looking at you to post the next one. Any problems, I think you know where to reach me. Click the pic for the mix.

komlenic, December 24, 2004 at 5:26:34 PM CET


Thanks... I'm burning this one for use on the drive home for xmas. I've got a few 80% done comps that I've been playing with for years... just waiting on one or two more fitting tracks to appear in my life. Hopefully after the new year I'll be able to finish a couple up.

stx23, January 12, 2005 at 3:18:59 PM CET


I have some webspace these days, so hopefully I can get on with some sort of mixy thing shortly.

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