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How about

starting some kind of collaborative mp3blog? private or public. Like our very own mp3pile or something. I don't know how to write but i do bump into some great tracks every now and then and would love to share them with likeminded people.

modofo, April 29, 2005 at 8:31:22 PM CEST

great idea

I would love to do an mp3 blog but I know I'd lose steam after a few weeks and it would wither. Something collaborative would kick ass. There seems to be a ton of options these days for the hosting of the files themselves, so one wouldn't need web space to participate. I think we just need someone to spearhead, unfortunately that's not me at this point in time.

sknecht, August 27, 2007 at 10:02:30 PM CEST

put me on the list. please.

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