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Thursday, 6. June 2002

Eat Here - Volume 1

Eat Here - Volume 1Finally done! This is a comp comprised of mostly jazz/funk/soul tracks, all with some sort of food in the song title. I found so much good stuff that fit in, that I'll be putting together at least a couple more volumes in the series sometime in the future. Almost a full 80 minutes.

Any problems, give me a holler.

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As kris mentioned in elephänt: epitonic is really cool. I've made a playlist of some tracks I've found there (the playlist starts with guitar-songs and moves to more dance-able tracks). Maybe you have some more suggestions.

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Sunday, 28. April 2002


And another.. two in one day. This is good.

I couldn't think of a theme for this compilation so I just went with stuff that I've got in heavy rotation. It starts of kind of mellow but picks up around the middle and turns into space noises. Make sure you've got an 80 minute CD if you're going to burn it cause it's just over 79 minutes.

Username and password for this comp are over on your right after the link, if you have any problems feel free to contact me.

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Saturday, 27. April 2002


Finally: A new CD is available.

This time I went a bit into modofo's territory. It's sexy, starts ambient, builds up slowly, reaches a climax with Herbert and cools down later.

Don't beat me for the two or three mainstream track. I initially compiled this cd for friend of mine and i needed some hooks.

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Thursday, 25. April 2002

Playing with the poll feature

I have two CDs in the pipeline. One is pretty much in modofo's territory and one is club oriented. What do you prefer?

which compilation do you want me to upload?


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Tuesday, 2. April 2002


april compilationWell it's been a while, no? Here is a new compilation, and it is named Charlie. You can get to know him better by clicking on this image right here. It's an ambient, mellow compilation...SURPRISE! 15 tracks max out an 80 minute CD, so watch your usual, any problems simply email me.

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Wednesday, 27. February 2002

Weekly MP3's has gotten in the habit of posting a weekly list of mp3s free for download... quality may be another matter... depends on what you like.

This week they're all about murder.

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Tuesday, 26. February 2002

Jerky Treats

Hey all, this is my first mp3 comp as well as first time using this site. I AM A NEWBIE. Username is "tunes" and password is "treats". Good luck and don't hesitate to scold me via electronic mail.

Oh yeah, I forgot the vitals. Its older noise, lots of guitar feedback but all sweet and such if you can get past the shrieks. Its 69 minutes, so should fit on a CD if you are crazy enough to like this stuff.

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Monday, 18. February 2002

Get in the Trunk

Get in the TrunkHey look! Another compilation!

I have no idea about the title but I thought it sounded cool.. Most of the compilation is Dub or dub style music, some modern and some classics. The compilation is just over 74 minutes so you'll need an 80 minute disc or you'll need to hack up the playlist a bit. If you are going to get rid of a track to fit it on a 74 minute disc I'd get rid of the last track, it doesn't really fit with the rest of the comp, except for the electronic sound effects. The username and password have changed but I'll try and get it to all the regulars and also figure out how to shove it in the new antville template.

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Thursday, 14. February 2002


I copied the templates from my site and changed some colours. It looks okay on my ibook, but i haven't seen it on a regular monitor. Mozilla had some issues with the images and I had to add more line breaks to some of your message.

The site still works as it used to, except the former menu bar is replaced by the membership box on the right. Good news: They added permanent cookies for the password.

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